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Interest Income On Loans
Interest Income On Investments
Total Interest Income
Interest On Deposits
Total Interest On Borrowings
Total Interest Expense
Net Interest Income
Service Charges On Deposits
Trust Income
Credit Card Fee
Total Mortgage Banking Activities
Income From Trading Activities
Gain (Loss) On Sale Of Assets (Rev)
Gain on Sale of Invest. & Secur (Rev)
Income (Loss) On Equity Invest. (Rev)
Total Other Non-Interest Income
Non-Oper. Income (Exp.)
Total Non Interest Income
Revenue Before Loan Losses
Provision For Loan Losses
Total Revenue
Salaries and Other Empl. Benefits
Amort. of Goodwill & Intang. Assets
Selling General & Admin Exp., Total
Total Other Non-Interest Expense
Total Non-Interest Expense
EBT Excl. Unusual Items
Total Merger & Rel. Restruct. Charges
Impairment of Goodwill
Asset Writedown
Other Unusual Items
EBT Incl. Unusual Items
Income Tax Expense
Earnings from Cont. Ops.
Earnings of Discontinued Ops.
Extraord. Item & Account. Change
Net Income
Pref. Dividends and Other Adj.
NI to Common Incl Extra Items
NI to Common Excl. Extra Items
Complexity Measures

Critical = 21,45

Current = 18,41

Minimium = 5,46

Resilience = 58,73%
MAP Info

Nodes = 40

Active Nodes = 34

Rules = 209

Density = 0.37